Galaxy S5 – How to install the fingerprint sensors

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Privacy on a personal phone is always an issue that most users seriously concern about. Screen locking or using password for some specific folders is the most popular solution for them. And Samsung Galaxy S5 is not an exception. The new generations of Samsung has enhanced its security up by the fingerprint sensor.

Fingerprint sensor of Galaxy S5 is very useful and convenient for security purposes. Similar to iPhone 5S, this sensor is intergrated in Home button in the bottom of the screen. It can scan your fingerprint and use this information to unlock the phone screen, log in Samsung account or pay bills by Paypal. Followings are the simple steps to install this fingerprint sensor function for your Galaxy S5.

1. Go to Settings. You can find the Settings icon in the application menu or press the gear icon on the status bar.

2. Click on Finger Scanner in the Personalization section.

3. Click on Fingerprint Manager to register your fingerprint

4. "Disclaimer" box will pop up and notify you that to activate this fingerprint sensoring, you need to register information on the fingerprint and save into the phone. After registering, you can use your fingerprint for such purposes as locking your phone, confirm your Samsung account, and pay bills via Paypal.

Click OK to continue

5. Scan the finger you want to register onto Home button in the bottom of the screen. You need to redo this step by 8 times till the processing bar finishes running

After finishing, your fingerprint will be saved on the system, the Galaxy S5 will ask you to click "OK" to select to activate function of unlocking by fingerprint.

The fingerprint security setting on the Samsung Galaxy S5 is not too complicated. You can install many different fingerprints or delete them easily. In case you forget the password or have someone install a fingerprint on your device. You can refer to the article Samsung Galaxy S5 - Restore factory settings to set your phone perform factory status

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