Game 2048 – Competitor of addicting Flappy Bird game on Android, iOS

By Laura

Game 2048 is a number matching game which has attracted many Android and iOS mobile users recently. With the simple playing method of 2048, users, even novice, can easily play it. However, it is not simple to conquer 2048, you need a flexible mind and a little luck.

2048 is developed by a 9x young developer. Since being released, 2048 has attracted many users every day and deserved to become a competitor with Flappy Bird for Android and iOS. The game has an intuitive interface combined with simple playing method, but it is challenging and addicting.

The 2048 version for Androi and iOS mobile users is developed based on 2048 game on web platform. 2048 is currently a hot game and attracts a large number of game players and Internet users with a simple playing method, but not less attractive than Flappy Bird. It can be said that 2048 is a strong “addicting” competitor with Flappy Bird. Playing 2048, you will have opportunity to challenge your logical skill and flexibility on cells to become a winner.

Playing 2048 on Android and iOS mobile devices, you only need to use your figure to move up, down, right, left so that similar value can match with each other. You will be the winner if all cells display and appear 2048 cell – which is exact as the name of the game. The interface of 2048 on Android and iOS is quite intuitive, including multiple cells with different colors. Every time you play 2048, the result will be saved automatically and you can see the list of players with the highest score. The birth of 2048 brings users with relaxing moment and reduces stress by conquering challenges brought by the game.

- Download Game 2048 for Android.

- Download Game 2048 for iOS.

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