Google chrome 32 being launched with integrated strange-looking Chrome OS interface

By Laura

Google has officially launched the latest version of Chrome 32 web browser. Google has made considerable improvements in the upgraded version to raise the performance of the browser, enabling users to surf the web quickly and effectively.

Especially, in this version, you will be able to experience a strange-looking Chrome OS interface when it is used on Window 8 operating system. Thanks to that, the usage of the associated utilities will also be more easily.

In addition, Google also makes a breakthrough and innovation when users can open multiple tabs on the browser. Chrome 32 will display associated symbols on tab, e.g. for tab opening songs, videos, it will display a small loudspeaker on it. Thanks to that, you will know which tabs generating sound, etc., and many other symbols such as webcam, file transfer, image, etc.

With what brought by Chrome 32, it is certain that users will satisfy and trust to use Google Chrome to access the Internet. By using Chrome, you will completely feel secured to surf the web and download data to your computer without concern about virus infection because Chrome 32 has fixed vulnerabilities and has been integrated with malicious code prevention capacity during the process of downloading data to the computer.

You can download the latest version here: Google Chrome 32


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