Google Chrome - Change Language on Chrome

By Laura

When installing Chrome browser, the default language is English. Therefore, users often try to re-install other Google Chrome’s language to surf web more conveniently.

Google Chrome is a powerful Web browser of Google. Especially, this browser is preferred by a lot of users. The following article will help you change the language on Chrome browser.

Google Chrome - Change Language on Chrome

Step 1: Open Chrome browser and click Customize and control Google Chrome, select Settings.

Step 2: Scroll down to the bottom and click Show advanced settings...

Step 3: Find Languages ​​ and click Language and input settings...

In the window that appears, you can delete the current language or insert another language.

Step 4: To add new languages,  click the Add

Select a language, in this case I add Vietnamese language and click OK

Then select the language you just added and click:

- Display Google Chrome in this language to choose the language as the default language.

- Use this language for spell checking to use this language for spell checking.

Finally, click Done to finish and restart the browser to apply the changes.

We have guided you how to change the language for Chrome browser. Hopefully, these little tricks will be helpful for you. In addition, you can take a look at other utilities for Google Chrome in


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