Google Chrome - Fix error "IDM integration as malicious"

By Laura

Google Chrome is among the most popular Web browsers today together with Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox. However, for certain reasons, Google Chrome always displays the notification that "Google has flagged 'IDM integration' as malicious". will guide you the way to troubleshoot this problem.

You have used Google Chrome as the default Web browser for a long time. However, for some reasons, you often receive the notification that "Google has flagged 'IDM integration' as malicious". According to, this notification means Google sorts IDM Integration into the group of malware which can harm your computer and need removing immediately.

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Together with the Shockwave Flash mistake, "Google has flagged 'IDM integration' as malicious" is the common mistake many people encountered and they do not find the way to solve it. Through this article, we hope that your browser will run normally.


Step 1: Open Google Chrome and click on the toolbar icon on the top right corner of the screen.

Select Settings

Google Chrome

Step 2: Click Show advanced settings.. to set up and select relevant parameters.

Step 3: In the Privacy section, uncheck "Enable phishing and malware protection" to disable the protection against phishing online and malicious components.

Step 4: Access the path which is  C:\Program Files\Internet Download Manager (if you use Windows 32 bit) and C:\Program Files (x86)\Internet Download Manager (if you useWindows 64 bit).

Copy the 'IDMGCExt.crx' file placed on Desktop

Step 5: On Google Chrome, type the path which is'chrome://extensions/' on the URL bar, click "Developer mode".

Drag the 'IDMGCExt.crx' file from Desktop and drop it into Google Chrome (support the drag-and-drop method).

The achieved result

Hope that this article will be helpful for those who are having difficulty with the notification displayed on Google Chrome that "Google has flagged 'IDM integration' as malicious" whenever you want to download a file from Internet to your computer with IDM. After completing manipulations above, you will download data normally as before.

Wish you success!


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error that Google has flagged 'IDM integration' has malicious


the "Google has flagged 'IDM integration' has malicious" error of Google Chrome


solve the problem that Google has flagged 'IDM integration' has malicious

, IDM integration is uninstalled automatically by Google fix the error that Google has flagged 'IDM integration' has malicious Google Chrome makes mistakes error of Google Chrome.

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