Google Chrome - Fix the computer crash

By Laura

Google Chrome is evaluated as one of the fastest browsers today. However, for different reasons Google Chrome is often suspended, which bothers users. will guide you how to fix this mistake.

Google Chrome is among the most popular Web browsers today together with Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox. This browser is integrated with the latest technologies. Hence, it browses Websites at high speed and supports lots of helpful utilities to meet users` demands.

However, recently many users encounter the situation that Google Chrome is often suspended, sometimes you can not access it. To overcome this situation, you can follow steps on this article.


Method 1: If your computer is installed with Internet Download Manager (abbreviated as IDM), disable the Use Advance browser Integration option available on IDM by:

- Open IDM, select Download -->Options on the toolbar


- At the Options window, select the General tab and uncheck Use Advance browser Integration. Click OK to save settings.

Method 2: Or if your computer uses NVIDIA Desktop Explorer having in the graphic driver of NVIDIA, it is also one of reasons for the breakdown of Google Chrome.

To solve this problem, delete the nvshell.dll file by:

- Click Start Menu (on the left corner of the screen) --->Run (if the computer uses Windows XP)
Or start Menu --->Run and go to Search Programs and Files (if the computer uses Windows 7)
and type cmd there

- To find where the nvshell.dll file is, type the dir command to list relevant files.

- Delete the file by typing the regsvr32 /u nvshell.dll

There are many ways to solve the problem that Google Chrome is suspended and this is one of methods to normalize this browser. Depend on different specific reasons so that you can choose an appropriate method to debug your computer.

Wish you success!

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