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Google Launch is one of available latest features in Google Chrome version 26 and beyond. So how to enable this feature on your computer? Let's explore that with!

Since Google Chrome version 26 was released, Google has put Google Launch to this version for users to easily interact with such applications as Gmail, Google Drive, Google Docs or Google Search, ect directly on desktop without accessing to Chrome.

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The following instruction will show how to enable Google Launch for those who do not know how to use the latest available features in Google Chrome.
Step 1: Open the Google Chrome browser. On the address bar type the URL " chrome:/ / flags " - > Enter. The existing webpage management of Chrome is opened.

Google Chrome

Step 2: On this webpage, search " Show Chrome Apps Launcher ", it is in Disable mode, adjust to the Enable mode.

After being activated, this feature will automatically be separated and displayed in the Windows Taskbar.

Google Launch helps you save a lot of time in accessing to Chrome’s available application without having to directly access to the browser. In addition, Google Launch also integrates Settings function for you to change existing settings of Chrome.

Wish you success!

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Google Launch feature


Google Launch feature of Chrome


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