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By Laura

With Google Chrome users may be quite familiar with search function which is commonly used in searching for data, videos, etc. on internet web browsers.

In the usage process, you will sometimes want to search for data on websites or search information on websites that you access. This article will help you understand more about the search function in Google Chrome.


Firstly, to search for data on a website that you are accessing, use Ctrl + F to open search box.

Enter search content in the search box, e.g. “samsung”, Google Chrome will search for the content on the website and automatically move to the place containing the content that you have entered in the search box.

Secondly, to search for content on Google search, you often have to open the web browser, enter and then enter the search content. There is a quicker method which is entering search content on address box and click Enter. Google Chrome will automatically search for the content with the default search tool.

The results are as follows:

The search for data, information, etc. on Google Chrome web browser is too simple, isn’t it? You can easily search for data and information on Chrome with just several above manipulations. Hope that this small tip will be helpful for you.


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use search function in Chrome


search in Google Chrome


quick search in Chrome


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