Guidance for storing photo online by picasa

By Laura

There are lots of methods to store and upload photos online, however, Picasa has been still a effective program that is used by most of people.

There are lots of programs that can help you store photos online, thus you can retrieve your photos when your computer crashes. With Internet connection, you can retrieve your images stored on your computer.

Guidance for storing photo online by picasa

Step 1: In order to upoad and share photos by Picasa Web Album, first you have to register a Picasa account. Then create an account in order to sign up for a free Google account.

Step 2: After you register an account, download Picasa. Next, install the software.

Step 3: After you have installed Picasa , its interface appears.

Step 4: Upload photos online

After you have successfully installed the software, Picasa will automatically recognize all the photos on your computer, if you want to upload a photo online, select Sign with Google Account on the upper right.

After that, the login interface appears, enter your email and password to log in with an account that that I have guided you above.

After successfully logging in, select a photo you want to upload to the internet, then right click and select "Upload to Picasa Web Albums"

So you have finished storing your photos online by Picasa. I wish you success.

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