Guide to install Media Player Code Pack for watching video and listening to music

By Laura

This article aims to help users use Windows Media player to watch FLV videos easily. Besides, this toolkit also supports new Audio formats.

It also helps you play new video formats on the market today on Windows Media player. This article will guide you how to install Media Player Codec Pack which supports Windows Media player to play video formats like FLV or others.

Requirement for the system:
Media Codec Pack requires your computer to have Windows Media player and use Windows XP operating system upwards.
Step 1: First, you must have the setup file of Media Player Code Pack. If you do not have, you can download the latest version of Media Codec Pack here.
Step 2: When the download process finishes, open the setup file. A window appears and requires you to choose the installation mode.


Media Player Code Pack

You can install 2 modes including  Easy Installation and Detailed Installation.
Easy Installation  is the quick installation mode. All steps are simplified. It will not require you to choose the installation location and customize features. The install process of Media Codec Pack will be done automatically.
Detailed Installation requires users to perform all steps of an install process.
After you choose the satisfactory installation mode, the system will open a new window which introduces about features, configuration and requirements of the software.

Media Player Code Pack

If you select Detailed Installation, the system will move to the Choose Components window. This window requires users to customize audio and image formats which will be installed on your computer.

A new window will appear when this step is completed. This window mostly introduces about the software and encourages users to use it (if you choose Easy Installation, the system will move to this window immediately). Users can download or ignore this software.

Step 3: After clicking "Next", the system will automatically extract and install Media Player Code Pack on your computer.

Step 4: When the install process finishes, a new window will appear. This window will require users to adjust video settings of the software. You can select to enable 264/x264 DXVA and DC1 DXVA. You can choose to not activate 264/x264 DXVA and DC1 DXVA.

After adjusting video, click Apply. The system will move to adjust parameters of Audio on a new window. This new window will help you install supporting tools, select sound cards and speaker quality to achieve the best audio quality.

Step 5: After you finish adjusting video and audio above, another window appears and informs that the installation is completed. Click OK to finish the install process.

Thanks to this Media Player Code Pack tool, Windows Media player will read most audio and image formats like FLV, a popular video format on Internet. Besides, there are also other audio formats.
Wish you success !


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