Guide to install Mozilla Firefox on PC

By Laura

Mozilla Firefox is one of famous Web browsers and attracts most users today. This article will guide you the way to install Mozilla Firefox most accurately. It will be useful for those who are new to this utility.

Mozilla Firefox supports browsing Websites quickly together with lots of useful features. The utility allows you to open multiple Websites on separate Tabs simultaneously. You can manage downloaded data easily and bookmark your favorite pages.

What are advantages of Mozilla Firefox compared to other browsers?
Mozilla Firefox will help you detect and prevent timely dangers which can intrude and affect the computer system such as Virus, Trojan, Spyware, Rootkits, etc. Mozilla Firefox can prevent Viruses which can spread through Internet Explorer and Yahoo.
Requirement for the system:
You can install Mozilla Firefox on any computer, desktop computer or laptop. That computer is required to use operating systems like Windows, MAC OS X, Linux, etc.

Before installing Mozilla Firefox,  your computer must have the installer of this utility. If you do not have, you can download Mozilla Firefox here. The installation of this browser is carried out through following steps:
Step 1: Open the folder containing the installer of Mozilla Firefox. Search the setup file named as mozilla_firefox.exe. Click on this EXE file. A window appears and displays name of the setup file and the folder containing the setup file of this utility.
Click Run to continue.


Step 2: On this step, the producer allows you to choose one of two following options,
* If you select Option.

This dialog box requires you to select the storage folder for the setup file of Mozilla Firefox by clicking Browse. Or you can use the default folder, often the C: drive.
Choose one or all 3 available options to create shortcuts on Task bar in StartMenu or on Desktop.
Click Install to start the Mozilla Firefox installation.

* Select Install: The install process of Mozilla Firefox will take place immediately.

When the install process finishes, Mozilla Firefox will have the interface as the following picture.

This is the tutorial on how to install Mozilla Firefox for those who are still having difficulty in installing this browser. This is one of the fastest Web browsers today. Use it and you will understand why so many people choose to use it.
Wish you to install this utility successfully.


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