Guide to merge videos with Avidemux easily

By Giang Doan

Avidemux is a software used for editing video clips totally free and supports various formats. You can remove image and only save sound on a video or vice versa just save image and remove sound on the video easily.

Here, would like to introduce you an additional feature of Avidemux which are cutting and joining a video segment. To do this, let’s follow these steps:


- To use Avidemux to cut and joint videos, you need to download and install the utility on your computer.

- You can download the latest version of Avidemux here.

Cut a video segment

Step 1: After, being downloaded to your computer, Avidemux will start, here you click Menu file, click to open the video needing to be cut.

Step 2: Here you click the Play button to run the video, you need to determine which parts to cut and press Pause to stop then you click the button labeled A to mark the beginning of the video segment to be cut.

Step 3: After you have identified the beginning point of the segment, continue to press Play button to run, determine the ending point of the segment, next then press Pause, and then press B button determine the following part of the video needing to be cut.

Step 4: Thus, you have been able to determine the segments of the video to be cut.

- To cut this part, click Menu Edit and the click to select Cut or Ctrl + X.

Step 5: Before saving video, you need to select the format of the file, click Video Output to select a suitable format. Here, I select FLV.

Step 6: Save file, click to select File and then click Save to save the video.

To join a video segment

Step 1: Before joining videos, you need to adjust so that the video needing to be joined have the exact frame rate and parameters.

- Open the first file needing to be joined (open as in the instructed steps above).

- Click to select Menu File and then select Append (or press Ctrl + A key combination) to open the second video file.

Step 2: Thus, you have know how to join video files into a complete video. To save file, slick to select File and then click Save.

Step 3: Select the location for saving file and then click Save.

Finally, enter and check the results.

Thus, we have instructed you how to cut and join video with Avidemux software. If you have not satisfied, you can refer and use other video cutting and joining softwares available from

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cut and join video with avidemux


cut video with avidemux


merge video with avidemux


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