Guide to use three effective hidden features on Windows

By Laura

In addition to your frequently-used features, Windows also has very interesting hidden features. Have you known about these preeminent features? In the scope of this article, will instruct you how to use these features on Windows operating system.

In fact, the computer system contains many useful features that you may not know. By activating and using these features, you will have more interesting experiences with the computer.


1. “Send To” Menu:

Instead of using “Copy” & “Paste” features to copy/move files, you can make files always be copied/moved to your wanted folder by setting the folder into “Send to” menu.

To access “Send to “menu, you press Win+ R and then type this command:


In which, username is your computer’s account name. In this article, username is

As illustrated in the image, you can delete or add your wanted folder into SendTo folder.
Now, if you want to transfer a file into your wanted folder, you only need to right click the file, select Send to and your wanted folder. Here, I select Downloads folder.

2. Reset ink duct of printer when implementing errored printing command (the computer is hung up and fails to reboot)

In the printing process, the ink duct of printer may be congested or information about the document may not be inputted, so the printer cannot print document. A normal solution is rebooting the computer, but there is a quicker method without rebooting.

Firstly, you press Win+R, type services.msc and then press Enter.

When the Services window appears, you search for Print Spooler, right click and select Stop.

Next, you press Win+ R key combination and press Enter.


A new folder appears, you delete all files in it and re-open service window, right click Print Spooler and click Start.

3. Overwrite User Account Control (UAC) for applications

User Account Control (UAC) is a software integrated by Windows 7-8 to restrict softwares for ordinary users.

As recommended, you should not turn off this feature and you can set softwares that UAC cannot intervene by using Elevated Shortcut software.

Firstly, you download Elevated Shortcut here.

After downloading and installing, open the software and you can see the following window:

Click Modify Shortcut, select the application needing to be added and click OK. After being downloaded, your application will be added with Elevated letter on its name.

In this article, we have instructed you to activate and use three useful hidden features on Windows operating system, hope that this small tip will be helpful for you during the computer usage process.


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use 3 hidden features in windows


how to use 3 useful features in windows


use 3 preeminent features in windows


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