Hide folders on Android devices

By Helen Nguyen

Using mobile devices to work, storing information, important personal documents has become too familiar. Therefore, security is always the top concern of all user devices. However, the software that the manufacturer offers usually do not meet all the needs of users that we have to look to third-party software.

The most popular solution is locking important folder or app. But it still makes others curious and somewhat still know what's on your device. In the following article, we will help you to know some software that support us to hide folders, applications ... which only we know

A. Hide folders

1. Firstly, you have to download and install File Hide Expert for Android for free here

2. The first time you open Hide File Expert for Android, it will give you a message saying there is no file or folder to be managed. So you have to add a folder or a file to hide, just click the small folder icon available in the upper right corner, you can choose to visit the hidden files or folders somehow.

3. Next, you will see all the files and folders you. To add a file or a folder to this list, just click on the green plus sign next to its name so that it is added to the list.

4. After you have added your items to the list offline, they will be displayed on the initial screen. Now click "Hide All" and all the selected files will be hidden..

If you do not want to hide a file that you have hidden with Hide File Expert for Android, you can do a few steps listed below:

Open the app on your device and then click on the button called "Unhide All". It will unhide all the files that exist in the list and show it to the file so that you can manage access.

B. Create password for File Hide Expert for Android

1. Run File Hide Expert for Android on your device and click "Menu" / "Settings".

2. Touch on the first option "Enable Password".

3. Next choose "Change Password" and type password you want and then click "OK".

The next time you launch the application, it will ask you to enter your password settings

To secure the safety of information in your device, you should download and install the Hide File Expert for Android. You will feel more secure when they have walls to protect your information

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Hide folders on Android


Hide folders


File Hide Expert


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