Hottest games on iOS (iPhone, iPad)

By Laura

Most iOS (iPhone, iPad) users have been familiar to many different games. In the following post, we will study some best games that won the hearts of most users recently.

Playing game on mobile device can help we have relaxing time after studying or working hard. In addition, playing game is also an effective studying method. Following games for iOS are completely free for all users, you can download for your device easily

1. Candy Crush Saga for iOS.

Candy Crush Saga for iOS is the best game that the most of players download to their iOS devices, because this game takes us to a world of colorful candy sweet and charismatic.

With simple way to play, players simply move the same piece of candy, and score points, though, but it is not boring as application allows you to go from the lower level to higher and higher one, more and more difficult to overcome when the player need to be prudent and rational calculation to conquere.

Users can free download and update the latest version of Candy Crush Saga for iOS.

2. Top Eleven for iOS.

Top Eleven for iOS is a game that helps players manage their favorite team, participate in coaching the players, give the tactics in the game, participate in tournaments around the world.

Also after each game finishes, you can buy players from other teams to your own team. Then you can get the leading scorer.

This game is not just for men, if you are a lady, you can try it too. You can go to download and upgrade versions of Top Eleven for iOS.

3. 2048 for iOS.

2048 for iOS is a puzzle game on mobile devices using the iOS operating system, with this game the player has to move, and combine a number of cells with the same values ​​together and when the process ends blanks to be filled squares and 2048 appear.

This game requires the ability to observe, crystal eyes and a harmonious combination between eye and hand to move for good.

Players are able to download to your device Game 2048 for iOS

4. Temple Run 2 for iOS.

Temple Run 2 for iOS is a flea market provided free for iOS, with the flea market, the players will get to experience and explore the characters in it. With an intuitive interface, vivid, bringing players from surprise to surprise the other.

With Temple Run 2 for iOS requires players to have quick hand and eye conditions character impasse and avoid falling off a cliff.

Those who love the game can be downloaded for free on their iOS game Temple Run 2 for iOS

5. Chess for iOS.

Chess is an intellectual sport for all ages, with Chinese Minister for iOS will help you be able to play on iOS devices, with this application, the player can play against computer or participation can play with many others if you have an Internet connection and can share on social networks for all to know.

Those who love chess  can download for free Chess for iOS.

So in this post, I have introduced to you some hottest games for iOS operating system and have been popular all over the world. You can also refer some other apps for iOS at

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