How to access Facebook quickly

By Giang Doan

Sometimes you cannot access facebook because the network provider have blocked Facebook, or for other reasons that you cannot access to facebook.

There are lots of reasons that you cannot access facebook. In today's article, I will introduce to you the fastest way to access Facebook in different cases.

How to access Facebook quickly

The quickest way:Change HTTP Protocol to HTTPS

Some users cannot access to facebook. In this case, let’s check the HTTP protocol. In some cases, you just need to change HTTP to HTTPS to be able to access Facebook normally. For example, instead of, change it into

Method 2: Change DNS Address

This way is very simple since you do not have to use any software to access Facebook.

Here I will show you how to change DNS for Win7

Go to Control Panel\ Network and Internet\ Network Connections, click Network Connections and select Properties then select Internet Protocol(TCP/ IP) and select Properties, and click Properties

Enter the new DNS

At DNS Open ID, select Use the following DNS Server Addresses, and type respectively and into 2 top and bottom boxes, then click OK

You can also use 2 DNS addresses below:

8-8-4-4 and 8-8-8-8, or you can also change to the DNS: 4-2-2-4 and 4-2-2-3

Method 3: Use Software

Hotspot Shield

You can use Hotspot Shield to access blocked facebook effectively because the software is quite easy to install and use. Moreover it is also compatible with various operating systems such as Mac, Windows, ect.

You only need to download and install Hotspot Shield like other software. When you launch Hotspot shield, under your Taskbar, the icon of the software appears. Simply right-click the icon and select turn on – turn off the program.


Similar to Hotspot Shield, with Ultrasurf, it is no difficult for you to install and use. There is a difference that Ultrasurf is quite compact, therefore, it does not affect the speed of your browser. Because it is .exe file, you only need to run it whenever you use.

I just have introduced the fastest ways to access Facebook, hopefully, you will satisfy with this article and have no difficulties with Facebook. You can take a look at other interesting articles in

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