How to backup Driver by Smart Driver Updater

By Helen Nguyen

If in the previous article, I showed you how to update drivers by Smart driver updater, in this article I will show you how to backup data by Smart driver updater.

The installation and use of software is quite simple, with just a few clicks you can backup and update the latest drivers for your computer

Backup Driver by Smart Driver Updater

Step 1: Run the program, you can download Smart Driver Updater here

Step 2: The interface after the installation process

To backup your data, click "Backup" button to backup your data. In addition, the software also supports user to recover driver, delete the old drivers and update the latest drivers

Backup your drivers and Create Backup to backup your PC's drivers.

I have showed you how to backup your data. You can take a look at other drivers in

You will be satisfied with plenty of free software with their instructions.

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backup data


backup data


backup data by smart drivers

, backup your data by smart driver

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