How to backup drivers by DriverMax

By Laura

Backing up data on your hardware is necessary to do if your hard drive has been corrupted, you can reinstall the driver by DriverMax

Your computer has installed lots of programs, if the hard drive is accidentally damaged, you can re-download programs but to install their drivers sometimes is not simple if you cannot find the compatible driver for your computer

Therefore, you should back up drivers of system devices by DriverMax

How to Backup Drivers by DriverMax

Step 1: Download DriverMax freely

Then install and launch the program

Step 2:

After Installing the program completely, the old version of DriveMax will ask you to update the latest version.

There are lots of functions such as updating driver, or downloading driver. But in this article, we are talking about how to backup data, therefore, select "Driver Backup and Restore"

Step 3:

After selecting "Driver Backup and Restore" the interface appears as follows:

Now choose Backup to back up data

choose parts to backup and select Backup

Thus, you have successfully backed up your data.

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