How to block app invitation on Facebook

By Laura

You are bothered when you always receive invitations to play apps on facebook. Do not be angry yet since facebook also supports for blocking app invitation.

App invitations will no longer appear, you will not be bothered by notifications of invitations from your friends to such applications you do not play. This article will show you how to stop these invitation on facebook.

How to block app invitation on Facebook

First, click on the notification of facebook, then click X to stop receiving notification that is bothering you.

Next, click Turn off to confirm your manipulation.

So the application will not automatically send notifications to bother you anymore

Block Application On Facebook

If you want your friends who are using this application to not bother you anymore, blocking app on facebookis now quite effective.

First, go to the Settings of facebook. In the settings menu, select Blocking

Scroll down a bit and you will see various items for you to choose.

Block app invites: block invitations for using application from certain people. And you must enter the name of those who often send invitations.

Block event invites: block invitation to attend events.

Apps Block: block certain applications such as Dragon Quest or Candy Crush Saga.

If you use both methods simultaneously, these applications and friends in your list cannot send invitations to you anymore. You can also see more articles for blocking unwanted accounts on Facebook.

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eliminating the invitation to play the apps on facebook


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