How to choose a scanner

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Technology developed the Scan scanner is a popular device, you want to store images of documents or files on your computer, scanner will help you do this.

This article will guide you how to choose the scanner - a device that allows connectivity you want to move documents into text files stored on your computer in order to serve the public. As well as keeping records of important documents on your computer as an image file

How to choose a scanner

On the current market, there are lots of different types of scanner with specifications. Therefore, each device will have its own characteristics.

1: Hand-Held Scanner

This device is a type of compact portable image scanner.It is suitable for scanning a small or large area. This machine has high mobility but the image quality is not very good, therefore, it is only used for scanning code.

2: Sheet-Fed Scanner

This device has to load paper, just like a printer. It is suitable for scanning single document, it does not support for scanning multiple documents. The disadvantage of this device is that the obtained image is evaluated only at average level.

3: Flatbed Scanner

This machine has the same mechanism with a copier. Document that needs to be scanned will be placed on a flat glass of the machine and the light will scan the image. This device offers the sharpest quality.

4: 3D Scanner

It is used mostly to scan 3D objects in such case of creating 3D models. Regularly, this is the choice for producers in entertainment industry.

5: Multi-functional Image Scanner

This multi-functional scanner combines various functions on a machine such as scanning, printing, photocopying, faxing,ect. It can scan for both white-black or colorful document. In fact, this is widely used in small offices.

Besides overview of devices, specifications are also quite concerned. Below are some specifications of scanners.


Before you buy the device, manufacturer is always a concern of users. However, it is difficult to give an exact answer for choosing the best manufacturer or brand. For example, Canon's scanner is commonly used and it is the most affordable for family. Epson is also suitable for those who work in graphical industry. HP is the choice for most of staffs in office.

Image Sensors

Most of scanners often use CCD sensor. These manufacturers use an optical lens focusing the image on CCD cells. This adds significant cost and size, but CCD sensor gives the best picture quality.

Current compact and ultra-thin scanner uses a different CIS chip. These chips are usually small and cheap, it has no optical system and integrates with LED light source inside the sensor. CIS sensor has greater size than the width of the scanned surface, and it operates at very close distance to the surface.

Function of automatically load papers

This function helps you to reduce the work of loading each page. However, in the low-cost scanners, this part is usually separated with the machine. Multi-functional scanners will integrate with this part.


It can be said that this is the most important factor determining the quality of the output image. Furthermore, the resolution of a scanner is also divided into two categories, the optical resolution includes the resolution of the scanner and interpolated resolution. The current scanners often have a resolution of 2400 dpi.

Color depth

It is the number of colors of the image that the machine can scan and store. However, this factor is not so important because most scanners today have quite high color depth as 42 or 48 bit.

Size and scanning speed

The maximum size of a scanned document is A4 size (210x297 mm), this is the size of a common document page in Vietnam and Letter size (216x279 mm) is used in America.

About Communication Standard

For older generation scanners, the communication standard is often the common interface of printers or USB 1.0 port. More advanced machines use SCSI ports that has higher speed and higher stability in LAN.


When you buy a scanner, a CD / DVD and image processing software,optical character recognition software that come along with the scanner will allow you to scan document pages to convert them from scanned image format to text format.

Accessories of Scanner

Normally, accessories of a scanner are Adapter, USB cable, film scanning part and page loading part.

Warranty for the device

The common warranty is 1 year for technical errors of the manufacturer, and no warranty for physical errors.

Hopefully, after this article, it will be no difficult for you to choose the appropriate company to buy a scanner.

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Choosing scanner

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