How to convert *.exe to video (MKV, AVI, ect)

By Giang Doan

You have quite a lot of videos with format extension as *.exe and you want to convert them to popular video formats that are suitable for all video players. The best solution for you is Format Factory.

As you know, there are quite a lot of programs that can help you watch video and audio with different formats. Each type has its own advantages and disadvantages. However, it can be said not every program can play *.exe file.

It is difficult to find a program that can convert *.exe file to such formats as 3GP, MOV, ASF, FLV, SWF, RM, AVI, MP4, ect, in roder to be played by any music player, including the built-in music player in the operating system when you install the computer.

Therefore, today I decide to introduce to you a program to convert *.exe to the most commonly used formats by a familiar software that is often mentioned in, that is Format Factory.

How to convert *.exe to video (MKV, AVI, ect)

Step 1: Like other software, you need to download Format Factory, then install the program

Step 2: Run the program

One more feature of this software is that besides converting music formats, Format Factory is so user-friendly and strong that it can even convert image formats.

Video: Convert video formats to Mp4,. Avi, .3 gp, ect

Audio: similar to Video

Picture: Convert all image files to different formats

Step 3: Select Video and choose the video that you want to export, here I'll export *.exe video. avi, you can select the format that you want

Step 4: Then AddFile and select OK

The exe file is displayed

Finally, click Click to Start is able to run for the program to run the process.

The software is pretty simple and easy to use. Hopefully, everyone can watch their best films with common or oldest music players comfortably.

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