How to create and delete bookmarks on Firefox

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There are lots of tools to mark websites that you often use, however, bookmark on Firefox may be the best choice for you.

When you use website, you find very good and useful information, therefore, you want to save it. Or when you use a website and you want to save its bookmark for more convenience of view. To help you this, Firefox offers an effective feature – Bookmark.

Moreover, if you do not like to save the bookmark of that page again, you can remove it easily.

Bookmark is a feature of Firefox that allows you to create and delete a page, furthermore, with Bookmark, you do not have to install anything else because this is an available feature on your browser.

How to create and delete bookmarks on Firefox

I will guide you how to create and delete bookmarks on Firefox

Create Bookmark on Firefox

First, mark the page you want to save to your bookmarks on the toolbar of Firefox.

Select Bookmarks and Show All Bookmarks

A window will open

Here you will see a list of History, Bookmarks Toolbar, Bookmarks Menu

Create a new bookmark by going to Bookmarks Toolbar and choose New Bookmark

Name: Enter the name of the website

Location: Location of site

Finally, click Add to add the website

The result when you have bookmarked the website

I just guided you how to create a bookmark on Firefox, now I will introduce to you how to delete it.

Delete Bookmark on Firefox

Similarly to the manipulations of creating the bookmark, on the toolbar of Firefox, go to Bookmarks and select Show All Bookmarks

Next, choose Bookmarks Toolbar

After clicking Bookmarks Toolbar, right click the page that you want to delete

Thus, you can mark or delete pages if you do not need their bookmark anymore. Firefox supports you a lot of useful features which you can take a look at other articles on

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