How to create beautiful logos by aaa logo simply

By Helen Nguyen

You want to have your own logo and brand, or you want to create a logo for a certain product, but you do not know how to use programs because they are too difficult. Aaa logo will bring you the best logo with simple instruction.

You wt to create a logo to serve your work and personal needs. However, you are not a professional user.  So, how to have beautiful logos with high resolutio?. Is this possible?

It can be said that you can do it simply with AAA Logo. Although this is a free program, its power is very great.

How to create beautiful logos by aaa logo simply

Step 1: Download aaa logo, install and launch the program

Step 2: After the installation process is complete, its interface will appear

Step 3:

On the upper left of AAA Logo, its interface has such options as Object, here you can choose a suitable logo in Object Library

There are instructions for editing as well as creating a new logo.


Save Image As: Save the edited logo

New Project: Create a new project (new logo)

Open Project: Open an existing project

Import: Export logo

Print: Print


New Text: Create a new text to the logo, or create slogan

New Shape: Create a new image

At the top right corner, you will see a palette which will help you change the color of your image or logo

Step 4: Create a basic logo with AAA Logo

I will give you a more detailed instruction for creating a basic logo with this software.

First, to create a logo at the bottom, select Edit and New Shape to select a logo image in Object Library

Next, to insert a text, select Edit, choose New Text, now you can write text or slogan in the logo.

Note: That on the right is the color palette for your logo, if you want to change color, click on your logo and select any color in Styles Library

The manipulations are quite simple, you can try installing and using the software. I am sure you will be satisfied when using a free and effective program like AAA Logo.

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