How to create Hiren's BootCD on USB / CD

By Giang Doan

In all activities of computer, Hiren BootCD is extremely necessary to rescue, diagnose in the most urgent cases such as window errors, win ghost, hard drive division, password, ect.

Hiren's BootCD is an indispensable and effective tool for experts and normal users when using the computer. The following article will guide you how to create Hiren's BootCD on USB / CD.

How to create Hiren's BootCD on USB / CD

Preparation: You need to prepare a USB with capacity of 1 GB or blank CD.

Method 1: Use Grub4Dos

Step 1: Download Hiren's BootCD. You can download here the latest version

Step 2: Download and install grub4dos on the computer. You can download here the latest version of grub4dos.

Step 3: Plug the USB into your computer and unzip Grub4Dos.

- If your USB contains unnecessary files, let’s format the USB, open as administrator.

Step 4: Set Dos environment in USB bygrub4dos

- Open Grub4Dos as Administrator. The program’s interface is:

1. Choose your USB.

2. Choose the type of Whole disk (MBR) or click Refresh to reload.

3. Click Install to create Dos for the selected USB.

- Wait 30 seconds, then create a black table -> press Enter to exit this table.

Step 5: Copy data to the USB. The file includes: menu.lst and grldr in grub4dos; Windows menu, autorun, HBCD folder in Hiren's BootCD

Above is how to create Hiren's BootCD for USB, to do this with a CD, you can use BurnCDCC in Hiren's Boot. You can run that file and go to the iso file to run it automatically.

Method 2: Use Yumi multiboot

Step 1: You can download the latest version of Yumi here.

Step 2: Manipulations on Yumi.

1. Choose USB that needs to be created.

2. Choose Hiren's Boot CD.

3. Go to the file iso of Hiren'Boot.

4. Click Create -> Next.

And we finish!

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