How to create tattoos with Photoshop

By Laura

By using Photoshop, it is not difficult for you to have aesthetic photos like stars. Today, will instruct you how to create aesthetic tattoos.

Tattoo has become an art and it will be more interesting if you can create your favorite tattoos on your body to raise the interestingness or the aesthetics for your photos, etc.

Or simply preview your works which are edited on Photoshop to save time from adjusting your tattoo again and again at shop while you will have very unique photos which are imbued with your personal style. Thus, let’s use this method.

How to create tattoo with Photoshop

Step 1: Select your most favorite tattoo, open the photo that you want to transplant it, (here, I use this photo for illustration):

Step 2: Drag the tattoo next to the photo and the use Edit command --->Free Transform (short-cut key is Ctrl + T) and adjust the tattoo to fit the photos in terms of both size and angle as follows:

Step 3: Set layer mode of the tattoo as Multiply as in this image:

Step 4: On layer, the tattoo is currently quite dark, we only need to adjust it to fit the skin color of the object to create a more natural photo. Here, I use command: Image-->Adjustments-->levers (short-cut key is ctrl + L). This step requires us to have aesthetic eyes:

And finally, we have the following results:

Wish you success!

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