How to delete and remove from Firefox, Chrome

By Laura

To serve your work or entertainment needs, you often install additional software, however, they automatically install in addition. Is there any way to remove from the browser?

You want to find a way to remove from your browser because you do not want to see them again.

How to delete and remove from Firefox, Chrome

Actually, I also tried various ways to remove thoroughly. And SpyHunter is a solution that I tried and succeeded. You can also use the software to remove such sites as, Qvo6, hao123, delta search,,,, ect.

Method 1: open My Computer and open the C: \ Documents and Settings \ user \ Application Data \ webnavi \ nvi.dll.

Next, remove "webnavi"

Method 2: If the first way cannot help you remove the website thoroughly, let's use SpyHunter to remove

Step 1: First, download SpyHunter. Then, install the program

Step 2: After you have installed the software, its interface appears,  you can scan by Scan Computer Now. The program will begin to scan

The scan process will take about 3 minutes to complete depending on the number of running apps on your computer.

It can be said that SpyHunter can thoroughly remove, , Qvo6, hao123, delta search,,,, ect. Despite being a free program, SpyHunter can remove thoroughly once and for all.

The software is quite simple to use, so you can download them and experience the features of usefully. Wish you success.

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