How to edit backlit photos with Photoshop

By Laura

There are many photos that you do not like or they are backlit. Today, will instruct you how to edit backlit photos with Photoshop.

It is certain that you may have travelled and take a lot of photos of yourself or with your friends and relatives. However, some photos are backlit. You are unable to see your face as well as other people in the photos. The below article will provide you with a tip to make you photos more perfect with Photoshop software – It is the method to edit backlit photos.
How to edit backlit photos with Photoshop
Step 1: Open the file needing to be deleted, press Ctrl+J to duplicate your image, select a mixed mode – The screen will be the same as in the follow image:

Step 2: If the image remains dark, you continue to press Ctrl+J to duplicate that layers by many times as you want:

Step 3: Then, the background of your image may have surplus illumination, you click the mask symbol on the layer frame and use a soft brush tool with black color to apply color on background area with surplus illumination on the image that you want to reduce illumination:

Step 4: If you still have not satisfied, you can set mask layer for the below layers and manipulate similar to in step 3. There is the result:

And here is the final result for our work:

Wish you success!

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