How to fix errors in Excel quickly

By Giang Doan

When you want to open an Excel file but it has errors and cannot display, it will make you worry since it might be an important contract or a report, ect.

Excel file cannot be opened or displayed due to errors, ect. Do not panic, will show you how to troubleshoot this error.

How to fix errors in Excel quickly

1. Restore manually

Step 1: Choose File -> Open.

Step 2: The dialog box appears (1) select the Excel file -> (2) from the dropped list of Open, select Open and Repair

Step 3: The dialog box appears:

+ Step 3.1: Choose Repair to repair

+ Step 3.2: If the problem still occurs, select Extract Data for data recovery.

2. Turn off Automatic calculation mode

For Excel 2003

Step 1: Open an empty sheet.

Step 2: (1) Choose Tools -> (2) Options

Step 3: Options dialog box appears (1) select Calculation -> (2) select Manual -> (3) click OK.

For Excel 2007

Step 1: Open an empty sheet.

Step 2: (1) Choose Office ---> Excel Options.

Step 3: The dialog box appear, (1) Formulas -> (2) select Manual -> (3) click OK.

For Excel 2010

Step 1: Open an empty sheet.

Step 2: (1) Choose File ---> (2) Options

Step 3: The dialog box appears (1) Formulas tab ---> (2) select Manual ---> (3) click OK. (Similar to Excel 2007).

Now you can open the corrupted file.

3. Use Microsoft Office Tools

Step 1: Choose Start Menu ->Microsoft Office

Step 2: Select Microsoft Office Application Recovery

Step 3: Select Microsoft Office Excel.

Step 4: Select Recover Application. Excel will shutdown and restart, the sheet will be restored. Now, just open up and use it.

Thus, we have guided you how to fix corrupted Excel files quickly and efficiently with simple steps. Hopefully this will help you solve problems. In addition, you can use Excel file recovery software in

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