How to fix SSL when logging in Facebook, Gmail

By Laura

Sometimes you encounter SSL error that is quite inconvenient for you when using Facebook or Gmail. Therefore, it is necessary to fix SSL error when Facebook, Gmail are blocked.

Your computer is used as normal, you can surf web, listen to music or watch movies. However, suddenly one day you open your computer and log into facebook or gmail to chat with friends, and encounter SSL error which blocks you to access gmail and facebook. What is SSL error and how to fix this situation?

The answer is that SSL is a standard security technology to ensure global security to create link between servers and web browsers to ensure safety and security.

How to fix SSL when logging in Facebook, Gmail

Option 1: Fix the error of Certificate On Chrome

Launch Google Chrome and select Settings and enter ssl on Search settings

Click Manage certificates and select software for Facebook and Gmail, then save to a drive to import data to fix ssl.

Option 2: Revised Time Settings on your Computer

This is the most common SSL error of the computer due to the fault time on the computer.

Maybe Lots of users know how to adjust date and time on the computer, however, some of you still may not know.

Step 1: Reset Time

Click on the bottom right corner of the screen where time is displayed.

Then click Change date and time settings

Or you can right-click the time display and select Adjust date / time. The interface will be displayed as below:

Change date and time: change the time and date

Change time zone: change time zone

Step 2: Reinstall Time

After clicking Change date and time settings, Date and Time’s interface appears and you select Internet Time to update the exact time.

Click OK to complete.

Option 3: Because of the security mechanism of the antivirus program Kaspersky Anti-Virus

Because not everyone uses Kaspersky Anti-Virus, therefore, I would like to dedicate this part for those who are using this antivirus

Go to Control Panel> select Network Connections

Right-click Local Area Connection

Select Properties, in General select Install

Select Client and select Add

Select Client for Microsoft Networks, and click OK. Wait a minute for the installation process to complete and close the window.

So it is done.

I have guided you to overcome SSL in order to comfortably surf Facebook and Gmail without worrying about being blocked.

If you can access Facebook but cannot access Gmail, you can also refer to the article to fix the error of blocking Gmail.

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