How to fix the error that USB cannot be formatted

By Laura

If USB is not used carefully, it can meet the error that does not allow formatting the USB. There are lots of different causes for this problem.

While using USB, you may probably meet the error that does not allow formatting USB. Don’t worry, will show you the best solution for your USB.

Fix the error that USB cannot be formatted

1. Virus infected USB

This is the first common cause when using USB on different computer. The solution for this problem is to use such antivirus programs as Norton Internet Security, Kaspersky Internet Security, Antivirus, ect to destroy virus from your USB. After that, you can format the USB as usual.

2. Lock the writing ability

Some USBs are designed with a lock to prevent writing. If your USB is designed in this style, you just need to find that button on your USB and turn it off.

3. USB that has firmware error

If the above approaches still do not help you format your USB, it is likely your USB firmware is corrupted. The solution for this problem is.

Step 1: Download ChipGenius here

Step 2: Run the software. The software will automatically check your USB parameters. Pay attention to VID and PID.

Step 3: Go to this link and enter VID and PID and click Search.

Step 4: The website will automatically find the appropriate drivers for given VID and PID. Be sure to check if the parameters provided by the site match you USB parameters on Chip Genius or not.

Step 5: After finding the correct firmware for your USB, you just need to download and run it, the program will automatically update your firmware.

Appying the solutions above will help your USB operate normally and be able to be formatted. Thus, you can easily store and move data on USB.

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