How to Ghost Windows from the hard drive without the need of a disk

By Helen Nguyen

Ghost Windows is the most popular method today to reinstall Windows operating system for PCs. A user creates an image file and use Ghost software to extract the image. And NTS Boot is a solution that helps you easily Ghost system without the need of a disk.

There are lots of ways to Ghost Windows such as using Hiren Boot, using USB, using built-in Ghost software on the hard drive, ect. Here will guide you how to  Ghost Windows from the hard drive without the need of a disk by using Boot NTS.

How to Ghost Windows from the hard drive without the need of a disk

Step 1: download and install NTS-BOOT on the C: drive of your computer, then restart the computer. You can download the latest version of the NTS Boot here.

When the computer boots, it will give you 2 options:

- First option is to access to the operating system normally

- Second option is to visit NTS-BOOT.

Here, choose the 2nd line and press Enter.

Step 2: Then the program will launch Ghost, select OK

Step 3: Here, select Local and Partition and select From Image

Step 4: Select the arrow key to select the partition storing the Ghost File

Step 5: Select the previous Ghost file, and click Open to extract Ghost

Step 6: Choose the hard drive (if your computer has 2 or more hard drives, choose the exact drive to Ghost to avoid data loss if the Ghost process has trouble) then Click OK to begin to Ghost

Step 7: After selecting the hard drive, you need to choose a hard disk partition to Ghost and click OK

Step 8: When a notification appears, select Yes to confirm

Step 9: After clicking Yes, the program will begin to Ghost your computer, wait a few minutes and then restart the computer. Your computer will enter Windows operating system as desired.

Thus, we have finished guiding you how to Ghost Windows from the hard drive without using a disc. You can also take a look at different methods to Ghost Windows such as Ghost Win from USB by HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool, ghost Windows by software, ect.

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