How to install Anvide Lock Folder to protect folders on computer

By Laura

Anvide Lock Folder is a software which helps you protect folders containing important data to prevent unexpected users from accessing them. will instruct you how to install Anvide Lock Folder to use on the computer in the most effective manner.

Anvide Lock Folder can be used for protecting all folders which contain documents and personal data so that no one, except for you, can view the contents of these folders when using the same computer.

What are the benefits of installing Anvide Lock Folder?
- Set protected password for folders regardless of folder sizes.
- Quickly use utilities with built-in hotkey combinations instead of mouse manipulations.
- Support commands for manipulations on MS DOS window.
System requirements
- Install Anvide Lock Folder on computers running Windows operating systems with all versions such as Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7/8.
Instructions to install Anvide Lock Folder
Step 1: Open the folder containing Anvide Lock Folder’s setup file which is saved in ALF.exe format (or if your computer does not has this folder, you can download the latest version of Anvide Lock Folder here)

Step 2: Select an appropriate language for being used on the interface of Anvide Lock Folder later on. Each language is represented by the flag of a country, select a flag and click check sign for confirmation.

Step 3: You have to agree with terms required by the producer to continue installing Anvide Lock Folder. Click Accept to agree.

The utility is very compact, so the installation process will be very fast. After being installed successfully, Anvide Lock Folder will have an interface as below:

Thus, with several simple manipulations, you have finished installing Anvide Lock Folder.
In addition to Anvide Lock Folder, you can download other folder protectors from

Wish you success!

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