How to install Kemulator to play Games on mobile phone, computer

By Laura

Kemulator is the software which allows you to play famous Java Games not only on mobile phones but also directly on the computer. will guide you how to install Kemulator so that you can play most Java Games without encountering any trouble.

It is not strange for many people to play Games on mobile phones. Game developers often provide lots of different Game types. In reality, there are many interesting games on mobile phones. You want to install and play them on the computer, but you do not know how to do it. Kemulator will help you do this. It supports players to play famous Java Games maximumly.

What benefits does Kemulator bring?

- Play most famous Java Game types on the computer, automatically adjust the Game screen to suit the computer screen without affecting the image quality.
- Record videos, take photos right when you are playing games.
- Install Kemulator to play games online for the community like TeaMobi, OnGame, Mobi Army, etc. if your computer is connected to Internet.

Requirement for the system

- Install Kemulator on computers using all versions of Windows operating system like Windows 9x, Windows Me, Windows 2k, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8.


Step 1: Open the folder containing the setup file of Kemulator which is saved as kemulator.exe. Download the latest version of Kemulator here.

install Kemulator

Step 2: Click Next constantly. You can change the folder containing the setup file of Kemulator by clicking Browse or use the default folder of the producer.

Click Next after selecting the suitable folder.


Step 3: A window appears with 2 main options. You can select one of 2 or both or no one.

Create a Desktop icon: Put the icon of the software on Desktop after is is installed.
Create shortcut in start menu: Place the Shortcut of Kemulator on the Start Menu.

Click Next.

Step 4: The utility will display all options you have just set up. If you find any error, click Back to set up again or click Install to start installing Kemulator.

Step 5: The install process ends. Similarly to the step 3, there are 2 options so that you can choose any one or no one.

Launch Kemulator: Run the program right when this window is closed.
- Visit product website: Visit the Website of the producer.

Click Finish to end the process.

When the installation is successful, Kemulator will have the interface as follow.

Kemulator is still strange to many people, but you will like it after you use it. This is the utility which helps you release stress very well after hard work hours or study hours.

Wish you success!


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