How to install Photoscape to edit photos

By Laura

PhotoScape is the best photo editing freeware today. This article will guide you the way to download and install this software

Professional photo editing software like Adobe Photoshop often includes lots of useful features, but its capacity is too large to suit computers having the low configuration and the moderate drive capacity. Photoscape will replace for those cumbersome photo editing software.

What benefits does Photoscape bring?
- Help you work with most popular image formats like JPEG, GIF, TIF, TIFF, BMP, etc. and edit photos easily without encountering any difficulties.
- Edit multiple images at the same time.
- Allow you to customize configuration parameters to achieve best output images.
- Be able to capture the computer screen and save images directly.
Requirement for the system
- Install Photoscape on computers using the Windows operating systems of all versions such as Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 2003, Windows Vista, Windows 7/8.
Step 1: Open the folder containing the setup file of Photoscape which is named as photoscape.exe, or if your computer does not have it, you can download PhotoScape here.


Step 2: A window appears and allows you to change settings before the Photoscape installation starts.
Select I Agree - install if you do not want to change any parameter and want to start the installation immediately.
Or select Options to change setup parameters.

Step 3: At the Options tab, you can customize the folder containing the installed file by clicking on Browse instead of using the default folder, the C: drive.
Besides, there are also 3 options for you. You can select some or all of these 3 options.
Create program group: If you want to create new program groups.
Create shortcut on desktop: Create shortcut on Desktop for you to use conveniently.
Add shortcut to quick launch: Create shortcut to start quickly.
Click I Agree - install to continue.

Step 4: Choose I Agree if you agree with terms set out by the producer.

Step 5: A window appears and asks if you want to install Tweeki on your computer. Tweeki is the tool for Desktop. Thanks to this tool, you can receive newest information about Photoscape.
If you agree, select I Accept or if not, select I do not accept.
Click Install to start the Photoscape installation.

Step 6: It may take a certain period of time to complete the setup.

Step 7: Click Run PhotoScape to run the program right when the Photoscape installation ends.
Click Finish to close the setup window.

When the installation is completed, Photoscape has the interface as follow.

Photoscape is the best software for computers which have the moderate configuration and drive capacity. This article is for those who still do not know how to install Photoscape exactly.
Wish you success!


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How to install PhotoScape


guide to install PhotoScape


install PhotoScape on windows

, install PhotoScape on PC

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