How to install Skype to chat, call for free

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Skype is one of the most famous software for chat and Video Call today. This utility is very familiar with lots of people. However, not all of them know the way to install it. will guide you the way to install Skype most optimally

Skype is the tool which helps you chat with friends freely, connect with friends not only in a country but also in the whole world. Besides, you can make a call to your relative just with a device connected to Microphone, create Chat Voice free of charge.

What are features of Skype?

- Help you chat, make phone call and also protect your conversations from being disseminated or revealed outside.

- Record calls, save the chat history. Thus, you can listen again your dialogs with other people on the computer or other storage devices easily.

- Be able to integrate with MS Office 2013 so that you can both work and chat with your friends, relatives. This is one of the most special features of Skype.

- Integrate with MS Outlook. Thus, you can chat and make calls from your mail to other archived addresses easily.

Requirement for the system
- Install Skype on computers using all versions  of Windows operating systems such as Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista/7/8 ( 32 bit and 64 bit).

- computers have the 400 MHZ microprocessor and use RAM of 128 MB upwards.


Step 1: Open the folder containing the setup file of Skype which is named as skype.exe, or if your computer does not have it, you can download the latest version of Skype here.

install Skype

Step 2: Select the appropriate language for the future use. You can select " Run Skype when the computer starts" so that the utility runs automatically right when your computer starts up.

Click I Agree - next.

install Skype

Step 3: Select "Install Skype Click to Call" if you want to install the call feature of Skype.

Click Continue to go on.


Step 4: The next window will display options. Select "Make Bing my search engine" to set Bing as the main search page or select "Make MSN my homepage" to set MSN Website as the homepage.

You can also uncheck both options.

Click Continue

Step 5: Because Skype has the moderate capacity compared to the system resources. Hence, the setup process of this utility takes place rather quickly depending on the computer configuration.

The install process finishes. Skype will have the interface as the following picture.

Wish you to install Skype successfully based on this tutorial on Install the utility exactly to experience its powerful features


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install Skype


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