How to install Snagit to capture the computer screen

By Laura

Snagit is the software which helps capture the computer screen simply and easily. This article will guide you the way to install this

You want to install Snagit on your computer to serve for your work, but you do not know how to install it. This article will help you install Snagit on your computer easily and simply by yourself.

Requirement for the system:
To install this program, your computer must use Windows operating system of Win95 version upwards.

Step 1:
First, to install Snagit on the computer, you must download the setup file of this software. If you do not have, you can download the latest version of Snagit here.
After downloading the software, you activate the setup file and the setup window of Snagit will appear. It notifies you that you are installing Snagit on your computer.
Click "Next" to move to the following step.

install Snagit

Step 2: After clicking Next, a new window appears. After clicking Next, a new window appears. This window will introduce terms of use when you use Snagit.
After reading terms set out by the publisher carefully, tick on I accept the terms in the License Agreement and then click Next to move to the next step.

install Snagit

Click "Next" to move to the following step. In this part, the producer will provide options about using usage data to increase the reliability when using Snagit.
In our opinion, you should choose Decide late when Snagit is running to use the default settings. Click Next to continue the installation.

install Snagit

Step 3: After clicking Next, the system will move to License Status. This part requires you to enter the Serial number of the product. You can buy this Serial at software companies or order it on Internet.
You can also use the trial version in 30 days to evaluate the product quality by clicking on the 30-day trial option.
Then, click "Next" to move to the following step.

install Snagit

Step 4: After clicking Next, the system will move to select the installation type.
This part requires users to select the software installation type. There are 2 installation types including Typical and Custom.
Typical is the default installation mode. If you choose this mode, the system will conduct installation based on the settings of the producer. Here we advise you to choose this type.
Custom is the installation type by hand , which means all features are selected and customized by users.
After clicking Next, the system will automatically move to confirm the installation. In this part, the producer requires you to confirm about the software installation.
To carry out the installation, click Install.

Then, the system will automatically install this software on your computer.

Step 5: When the setup is completed, the system will automatically switch to a new window which informs to users that the installation is completed. Click Finish to complete the Snagit installation.

Snagit is an application which allows users to capture the computer screen without taking too much time. With this software, you can capture the screen quickly because Snagit also integrates the photo editing tool. This allows you to edit photos right after they are captured. You do not need to save and edit them in the other software.
Wish you success with this tutorial.


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How to install Snagit


install Snagit quickly


install Snagit on Windows

, install Snagit on PC

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