How to install Steam OS operating system

By Laura

Nowadays, there are many common operating systems, but some users still use Steam OS operating system to play games, will instruct you to install Steam OS operating system.

With the distribution of 300 Steam Machines to lucky people, today, Valve has released Steam OS operating system – a specialized operating system for playing games – to allow users to install on their computer.

As mentioned above, only Steam Machines has a built-in Steam OS operating system while other people have to install Steam OS operating system on their computer to experience it.

Firstly, you need to ensure that your computer can be installed with Steam OS operating system.

Here is the configuration that Valve developer requires:

Via the above requirements, you need to notice that you must have a separate graphics card of NVIDIA – Geforce card while you will not be able to install the operating system when you only have card of ATI or have no separate card. In addition, your mainboard needs to support UEFI (most new-generation mainboards are supported with UEFI). UEFI is a standard software interface for the computer and it can replace BIOS. To set up UEFI, you need to start the computer and press F2 to enter BIOS, then enter boot section and select UEFI boot . If you do not find it after entering BIOS, it means that you mainboard does not support UEFI.

Here, I will instruct you to install Steam OS operating system with the simplest and safest method.
Firstly, you prepare 1 USB with a minimum size of 4GB and install Steam OS (you can download it here). In addition, you must remember that your data on hard drives will be absolutely deleted after you install Steam OS operating system.


After downloading the installation file, you will have to reformat USB into FAT32 format. It is a very simple method. You insert USB, right click USB directory on the computer, click Format. In File system, select FAT32 and rename USB into SYSRESTORE  and then start.

Next, you extract Steam OS installation file which has been installed in USB. Afterward, you restart the computer and press F10 to select to boot with USB.

After the installation window appears, select “Restore Entire Disk” and wait until the computer automatically install STEAM OS operating system.
Wish you success!

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