How to install Undelete Plus to recover deleted data

By Laura

Undelete Plus is the utility which can recover lost or deleted data in many ways so that you can find back important data on the computer. will guide you on how to install Undelete Plus on your computer.

By using powerful search algorithms, Undelete Plus can recover data which are lost because the computer or the hard drive is faulty or deleted due to the Virus attack or users` manipulation. You can use this utility to recover also data which have the large capacity or have been removed for a long time.

What benefits does Undelete Plus bring?
- Recover lost data due to different reasons.
- Recover data which are Videos, applications having the large capacity, even up to a few GB.
- Recover multiple drive types with different partitions like FAT or NTFS.
- Recover data on faulty partitions.
Requirement for the system
- Install Undelete Plus on most computers using all versions of Windows operating systems.
Step 1: Open the folder containing the setup file of Undelete Plus which is named as undelete-plus.exe. Or if your computer does not have it, you can download the latest version of Undelete Plus here  .


install Undelete Plus

Step 2: Click Next to continue the setup of Undelete Plus or Cancel if you do not want to install this utility on the computer.

Undelete Plus

Step 3: A window displays terms set out by the producer. You must agree by ticking on " I accept..." to be able to continue the setup.
Click Next.

Step 4: On this step, you must enter the storage location of the setup file later. Select the default path (often the C: drive), or change the path by clicking Browse.
Click Next.

Step 5: The producer allows you to place the icon of Undelete Plus on the Desktop. Or if you do not want to place the icon here, you can uncheck Create a desktop icon.
Select For all users if you want everybody to see the icon on Desktop or select For the curent user only so that just you can see it.
Click Next.

Step 6: Select Install when you complete manipulations above.

It just takes a certain period of time to install Undelete Plus. The setup ends, Undelete Plus`s interface is as follow.

Hope that the article of will be partly helpful for those who still have difficulty with installing Undelete Plus. Install this utility to use all wonderful features it brings.
Wish you success!


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