How to partition hard drives on Windows 7

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Instead of using softwares which can partition hard drives, you can perform this task directly on your computer. This article will instruct you how to partition and format hard drive partitions on computers using Windows 7 operating system.

In the market, there is, currently, a trend to use large-size hard drives, you can easily buy a hard drive associated with the computer or a portable drive. However, you are recommended to partition and divide these hard drives into smaller partitions for better management. For example, when a partition is infected with virus, the whole hard drive will be unharmed.

How to partition hard drives on Windows 7
Step 1: Click Start Menu --> type Run keyword in Search Programs and Files section, open Run in Programs.
Run dialogue box opens --> type diskmgmt.msc keyword -->Enter or click OK

Step 2: Disk Management opens, all the available hard drives, including the connected USB devices will be displayed automatically.
To create a new partition from a hard drive, you only need to right click the hard drive that you want to partition and select Shrink Volume

Step 3: A new dialogue box appears and informs about the used and free space of the hard drive. Input the size for the partition which is divided in the Enter the amount of space to shrink in MB box.
Click Shrink

Name the new partition and click OK.
Step 4: After creating a new partition, re-format the new partition.
Right click the new partition -->New Simple Volume

Step 5: Click Next, a dialogue box will display the size of the new partition --> Click Next

Step 6: Select an icon for the new partition, click Next

Step 7: Name the new drive Volume Label -->Next

Step 8: After finishing the setting, click Finish to close this window.

Return to Disk Management window, the new hard drive partition has appeared. To be certain, check the partition to see whether it has appeared in Windows Explorer or not.

With this method, you will be free of concern about losing data available on original hard drive. When you input the size for the partition to be created, you are recommended to format the size for the hard drive as GB and turn to MB (when multiply by 1024MB).
If you do not want to change the settings in Windows, you can use hard drive partition softwares available from

Wish you success!

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