How to proper usage of CPU coolant

By Giang Doan

Coolant used to reduce the temperature of the computer will increase the performance of the computer to avoid crashes. The coolant will be applied between CPU chip and Chip Fan.

The coolant between Chip and Chip Fan will help the computer reduce heat efficiently. But not everyone knows how to use it properly. The following guidelines will show you how to use coolant properly.

How to proper usage of CPU coolant

Step 1: Attach the chip to the slot on motherboard

Step 2: This coolant is attached with chip orr coolant fan. Remove them by using scissors to cut or open the cylinder

Step 3: Pump it on chip mounted on a main board

Step 4: The result  after you pump coolant on the chip

Step 5: Finally, attach the chip to the coolant fan

Close the lid, and restart the computer normally.

Thus, we have shown you how to use coolant for CPU efficiently, so you can reduce the temperature of your computer for a stable and faster operation.

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cpu heatsink substance use


substance use cpu heatsink properly


use the cpu heat sink


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