How to safe Search on Facebook

By Laura

Graph Search is a new search engine official updated by facebook on 07/ 2013. With this feature, a stranger can easily find information of any Facebook user. So how to "secure" personal information? The following article will teach you simple but useful tricks.

Only with these steps, you can secure your personal information on Facebook. Especially, you will not have to search and delete old posts. Let’s follow these steps!

How to Safe Search on Facebook

Step 1: Log into your Facebook account, then click settings on the upper right of Facebook, click Settings Privacy.

Step 2: When Settings privacy and tool appears, in Who can see my content? click Edit to select the object Friends in Who could see this after your post?

Step 3: click Limit my previous post to change your sharing status for old posts.

Immediately, Facebook gives you a warning, contents on your timeline shared with friends of friends or Publicity will change to Friends. However, those who are tagged and their friends can see that post. You can also change the objects to view each posts.

Step 4: choose limit old posts, a Facebook confirmation dialog box appears. Click on Confirm to change to share all the posts in your timeline with friends.

Immediately, after clicking Confirm above, entire posts on your timeline automatically switch to friends. With sensitive posts or information you do not want to keep on your timeline, you can delete it by selecting the following image:

From now on, every time you post a new status, Facebook will default set viewers as friends. However, with posts, statuses that you want to keep privately, you can select as below:

SafeSearch on Facebook is useful tips that help you protect your privacy of Facebook from strangers, thus, noone can easily find you.

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