How to se and preserve adapter properly

By Helen Nguyen

You have a laptop and an important part along with the computer that is the adapter, which converts main power to appropriate power for your laptop.

It can be said that adapter is an important and necessary device for laptop. Thus, how to effectively use and adapter in order of its long durability? Surely, an article on how to use and preserve adapter will be necessary for you those who have laptop.

How to se and preserve adapter properly

Adapter is a device coming along with laptop, however, to have a high durability of an adapter, you should have the best methods to preserve this power supplying device.


Make sure to charge your adapter before plugging the power supply terminal in the laptop. Thus, it can avoid electric shock when your power source is not stable. When not using it, you should make a contrast manipulation for your adapter.


For the, you should use gently and do not bend or roll the power cable and charging cable to avoid broken cable that may lead to electric shock while the cable is still in a good condition. To use the adapter well, the power cable must be in a good condition.


You should not unplug the cable by holding the cable, instead, hold on the plug and unplug the cable. You should not let the cable too stretched when plugging to an afar laptop. Roll the cable neatly after using it.


Keep the adapter in a cool place during using, it should not be near hot temperature or covered by other items such as books, newspapers, clothing, ect. since this will make adapter hot sooner and not durable.


Avoid to drop the adapter while using it, some laptops have rubber cable with the adapter so that you can put it away in your bag.


Do not let the adapter make contact with liquid to avoid combustion.


And the last thing is that you should use the adapter that comes along with laptop or is made by the same manufacture since there are lots of Chinese products in the market which are not safe to use and easy to be worn. It also worsen the battery, and more dangerously, it can supply the power badly which leads to combustion.

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how to preserve adapter


using the proper adapter


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  • How to se and preserve adapter properly

    You have a laptop and an important part along with the computer that is the adapter, which converts main power to appropriate power for your laptop.

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