How to shut and block ads on Avira Free AntiVirus

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New versions of Avira Free AntiVirus usually come with pretty much ads when you use the progam, this is very annoying because you have to take time to turn off these ads. will guide you how to turn off this annoying ads.

Avira Free AntiVirus is one of the most powerful antivirus software currently, you can use this utility to remove Viruses, Rootkits, Spyware, Trojan or worm. However, the new version of this utility recently often attaches with a lot of pop -up ads. This is very annoying because every time you want to use Avira, you have to turn off these ads.

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How to shut and block ads on Avira Free AntiVirus
Step 1 : Click Menu Start (on the top left of the screen) - >Run (for Windows XP)
Or if your computer uses Windows 7, go to Start Menu - > type Run in Search Programs and Files - > Open Run in Programs.
Type the command”gpedit.msc”- > OK.

Avira Free AntiVirus

Step 2 : In User Configuration - >Administrative Templates >System

Step 3 : In System on the right, double click on Don't run specified Windows applications

A dialog box opens, select Enabled and click Show

Type ”avnotify.exe” in Value - >OK

Step 4 : Restart the computer
Do not glad yet, since you have not still removed all ads. Let’s continue!
Step 5 : After restarting the computer, type secpol.msc in Run - >OK

Step 6 : Right-click Software Restriction Policies - > select New Software Restriction Policies (you can skip this procedure if the Software Restriction Policies is available).
Right-click on Additional Rules - >New Path Rule

Step 7 : Path dialog box opens, click Browser to select the file path containing avnotify.exe (usually the path C : \ Program Files \ Avira \ AntiVir Desktop \ avnotify.exe)
In Security Level - > select Disallowed
Click OK to save the settings.

Conclusions : After completing all steps, annoying pop -up ads in Avira Free Antivirus will automatically disappear and do not affect your job anymore. Use this utility to kill viruses and other threats.

Wish you success!

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