How to shut down, restart Windows 7/ 8 faster

By Laura

Quick shutdown and startup on Windows 7/8 will help you reduce the time and common manipulations.

There are plenty of fast methods to shutdown and start computer in Windows 7 and 8. And in today's article, I will introduce to you how to shutdown and start the computer quickly by using shortcuts as well as manipulations on the computer. With this procedure, you will surely reduce the shutdown time quickly and efficiently.

How to shut down, restart Windows 7/ 8 faster

How to shut down Windows 7/ 8 faster

With these 2 operating systems, you just need to press Alt + F4. Then the dialog box opens, select Shut down and click OK to set the fastest shutdown on Windows 7 and Windows 8.

How to restart Windows 7/ 8 faster

With Windows 7:

Step 1: Use Windows + R to open the Run dialog box.

Step 2: Enter "msconfig" in the dialog box and press "Enter"

An interface window appears. Choose Start up. If you do not want any program to start with Windows, you can uncheck its box.

You can also select "Services" to disable unnecessary services. But this can sometimes affect the working of your computer, therefore, you should consider carefully. Its consequences may cause the operating system to lose some features, however, you can still activate those services by the similar method.

With Windows 8:

Similar to Windows 7, follow these steps:

Step 1: Use Windows + R to open the Run dialog box. Then, enter "msconfig" in the dialog box and press "Enter"

Step 2: Select Boot ab and click Advanced options

Step 3: In Number of processors, select number of processor cores that you want to use in the boot process.

Click OK to complete the job

So you can quickly shutdown and start the computer in Windows 7, and 8 quickly. I wish you success.

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