How to update Driver by 3DP Chip

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3DP Chip can automatically search and display information of device integrated in the hardware of your computer. At the same time, the program also provides links so you can download the latest version of drivers. To be able to use the program effectively, please follow the instruction below.

When your computer lacks of drivers, 3DP Chip will give you all links to download drivers, you will not have to waste time looking for the link or download large auto-installer

How to update Driver by 3DP Chip

Step 1: Download and install 3DP Chip on your computer

- You can download the latest version of 3DP Chip here.

- Installation: Quite simple, you can follow the instructions below.

Step 2: Launch the program’s interface:

- The program will scan through the computer system and list built-in hardware and information of the operating system and memory of the computer at the bottom: O / S, Memory Size , CPU Clock, ect

Update Driver when your PC has an internet connection:

If you want to download any hardware driver, just click the hardware information, select the appropriate operating system (XP, Win 7, Win 8 ...), (32 bit, 64 bit)

For example: if you want to download Driver of Video card (GPU), click on the Video card information on the main screen interface

The program will connect to the web browser and display Driver’s Information, you select the operating system that your computer has installed, in this example the operating system is Windows 7:

- Then select the version of the operating system of your computer:

- Finally, download and install the Driver

When the computer has no internet connection:

- You can copy the download link and download it later: Click "Q & A / Bug"

- Choose OK:

- Then open Word or Notepad and paste (Ctrl + V):

Using the latest driver version will help you keep your computer stable and working at high performance. With the detailed instructions above, you can manually update the driver whenever you have to reinstall Windows.

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