How to use Deep Freeze Standard to freeze hard drives

By Laura

Deep Freeze Standard helps you protect your computer comprehensively by freezing hard drives and internal components. This is the best security software that every computer should have, you can observe the usage of Deep Freeze Standard in the following article from

Deep Freeze Standard protects the computer based on the auto-close mechanism for all previous operating processes and adjustments when the program starts. If you want to install any program for being used on the computer for a long time, you need to turn off Deep Freeze Standard before the installation.

How to use Deep Freeze Standard

Step 1: As Deep Freeze Standard does not display an icon on Desktop screen and only has a small icon on the system tray, you can open this utility by holding Shift key and double clicking the program’s icon on the system tray or use the Ctrl+Alt+Shift+F6 key combination.
Click OK to move to the interface of Deep Freeze Standard

Step 2: On the interface of Deep Freeze Standard, Tab Status includes 3 main settings for you to select.

- Boot Frozen (default mode): Turn on freezing mode to prevent all operations such as copying, overwriting, deleting data, etc.
- Boot Thawed on Next: Allow the computer to be restarted with the number of times defined in advance (select in Restarts) in the condition that the hard drives are written and installed as usual.
- Boot Thawed: Turn off freezing mode. It means that you can install, write or delete data on hard drives as usual.

After selecting these modes, click Apply and Reboot

Note: The computer must be restarted so that these modes can be activated.

After finishing the setting, all manipulations such as installing, writing or deleting, etc. on the hard drives will be automatically removed when you activate freezing mode and your computer can only operate as usual when this mode is turned off.

Use Deep Freeze Standard to freeze drives on the computer.

Wish you success!

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