How to use Facebook Timeline

By Laura

Timeline is the new interface of the largest social network Facebook. With Timeline, users can view or update news, photos, highlights, ect. to the point in their past from birthday to the present.

Highlights of Facebook Timeline is the cover and timeline that contain facts and information you post on your personal page since your birthday to now.

Use Facebook Timeline

Step 1: To change your cover photo, drag the mouse on the image, change cover button appears, click Upload photos... if you want to upload photos from your computer. Or, click Choose... to select images from available cover images on your timeline.

Step 2: In the Timeline, your Avatar is a square shaped image. To edit your avatar, drag mouse on it, the Edit avatar button appears, you can upload photos from your computer, select from timeline, edit thumbnail to fit the frame, you can also delete it or take a photo as your avatar if your computer has a webcam.

Step 3: Update Info allows you to add and edit personal information, when finishing, click complete for facebook to save your information.

Step 4: View activities lets you view the recent activity.

Step 5: Also, a new feature of Timeline is status updates and photos on the left interface (previously it was between and above). With the status you want to emphasize, select as follows:

Step 6: With the articles you do not wish to display on your Timeline, choose as follows:

With times that Facebook Timeline provides, you can easily view information on your diary at some point in the past.

The above article has instructed you how to use Facebook Timeline, therefore, you can view or update news, photos, highlights, ect in the past easily.

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