How to use Foxit Reader to read PDF files

By Laura

There are quite a lot of programs to serve your work as well as to read Ebooks, however, one of the most convenient and simple readers is Foxit Reader.

Foxit Reader is a quite powerful PDF reader, this software helps PC users such as workers, students, ect. With Foxit Reader, users can download all PDF books without worrying about not be able to open files.

If you have used this software, you must have seen the benefits of it, it is useful and easy to use with its simple interface. WIth just a few manipulations to install and experience this software, you can use it easily.

For those who do not know about Foxit Reader, I would like to guide you how to use this software.

How to use Foxit Reader to read PDF files

Step 1: Download Foxit Reader, install the program

Step 2: After you have finished installing the software, its interface is shown as below:

Step 3: There are two methods to open PDF file

Method 1: First, choose File -> Open -> Select Browse and go to the folder containing the PDF file

Then select a PDF file and select Open. You just need to select one file once, the next time the PDF software will automatically recognize and open them.

Method 2: When you finish install Foxit Reader, such files that have pdf format will be converted to the format of the software.

Therefore, you can also click on that folder and double-click it to open that pdf file

After you click to open the pdf file, it will look like this

1: There are toolbars for you to edit your pdf files, such as zooming, rotating, ect.

2: The page number will be displayed, you can select any pages to read

3: Thescroll bar to view the content

4: The toolbar for zooming

The installation of this software has been completed. Now you can use Foxit Reader to open PDF file simply. I hope you will enjoy good books with this software. Furthermore, you can take a look at Adobe Reader.

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