How to use iPhone and iPad more effectively

By Laura

There are many methods for you to optimize the usage of your iPhone and iPad, but not everyone know about it. In this article, I will introduce to you several simple manipulations to help you use iPhone and iPad more effectively.

It is certain that not any pay attention to some small manipulations such as adjusting background images for iPhone and iPad at night or add keyboard with Bluetooth connection..., their effectiveness will be raised considerably. Let’s get to know about it.

1. To charge battery faster than normal, you often set Airplane Mode for your iPhone.

2. You can you handset to take photo on iPhone by pressing button "+" with associated handset with the mobile.

3. You can turn your iPhone or iPad into a mobile computer by connecting Bluetooth with a keyboard.

4. Use compass as a measure of balance by sliding it to the left, it will show the coordinate position of the screen.

5. You can turn black background color into white background color, it will be very effective for you to use iPone at night. By entering Settings > General > Accessibility, turn Invert Colors from Off into On.

6. Enter password including both letter and number by pressing ".?123" and move your figure to the number or letter and release your figure, you computer will turn to letter mode for you quickly.

7. When there is a notification or a message from the background screen and you want to delete it, you only need to slide from the right to the left to remove it.

8. When accessing web browser by Safari, you want to input domain names such as .com, .net or .vn..., you only need to press and hold the domain name, you can do it quickly.

Above is 8 methods for you to use iPhone and iPad effectively. There are many other tools that iOS devices can bring us, you can get to know more about those features by yourself.

Wish you success!

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