How to use laptop battery correctly

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The consequence of using laptop battery incorrectly is damaged worn-out battery. When your battery is worn-out, it will be unable to maintain the original capacity, so the computer usage period is also shortened.

Battery is a very important part for laptop, enabling your computer be movable and useable in many places. However, have you known how to use laptop battery correctly? The following article from will introduce to you how to use laptop battery correctly.

How to use laptop battery correctly

1. Don’t use battery and charge at the same time.

This is the main cause making the battery “worn-out”. When you are charging and using the laptop at the same time (when you battery has not full), it will charge and discharge battery simultaneously, resulting in “worn-out battery”. Most current laptop has the function of automatically disconnected the charger automatically when the battery is full. If you want to use the battery, you should use it separately. Meanwhile, if you want to charge battery, charge it full and then continue to use.

2. Don’t let battery run out regularly.

You should not let your battery run out to 0%, making the laptop turn off automatically. When your battery reaches about 10%, turn off the laptop and charge battery until it is full.

3. Keep battery at a cool temperature

Many people have the habit of using their laptop on blanket. This makes your laptop hard to disspipate heat, become heated and make the battery poorer. There are many cases in which laptops are exploded when being used on blanket for a long period.

In addition, you can use CPUID HWMonitor software to check the current wear level of your batter (if you have not had the software, you can download the latest version here).
After installing and opening the software, you will see the following interface

Take a look at Battery section.

- Designed Capacity: You original battery capacity which is measured in Wh

- Full Charge Capacity: your current battery level

- Wear Level: is the wear level of the battery (in the image, the wear level of battery is 12%).

Hope that you will know how to use laptop’s battery correctly and effectively with the information from

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